Thursday, November 12, 2015

Plastic Surgery Transformation

Maybe this is shocking news for fans of Korean TV series, Boys Over Flowers, especially fans of Lee Min Ho. Later it was rumored that Lee Min Ho handsome face that you can enjoy today is the result of plastic surgery (Lee Min Ho plastic surgery). From several sources Lee Min Ho has a very significant change. You can search for his photos before and after and you can compare it from the shape of the nose and lips.

Lee Min Ho of photos before and after plastic surgery looks the shape of the nose and lips Lee Min Ho is different. Photographs of Lee Min Ho's face before and after plastic surgery also looks different. Lee Min Ho has yet to admit the truth of this story, but from the photos that circulated enough to convince the public that Lee Min Ho is true plastic surgery.

Then what Kim Bum or Kim Joon? Are they also perform plastic surgery ?. For fans of Lee Min Ho, I apologize, this news is not intended to discredit or discredit Lee Min Ho. But I just try to share information with you all. And I personally think this is already commonplace in Korea where many Korean people who perform plastic surgery to look beautiful or handsome sake, even to many times.

So for what the question, anyway if properly Lee Min Ho perform plastic surgery results were also looks perfect right? evidence of a lot of fans until now. The most important of an actress or actor is his acting ability, even if they want to improve their appearance with plastic surgery of course it is also done with full consideration is not it? and that is certainly to support their career

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