Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Not Want to Prohibited Shown Section

Create Jennifer Lopez look sexy should not be limited simply because now she is a mother with two children. As the issue of Complex magazine cover model in March 2015, J.Lo performed with a number of ivory-colored bodysuit with a very low cleavage.
To the magazine and the singer's 45-year-old actress said she wants to look sexy and self-described "brave warrior princess who will continue to move forward, whatever happens."
J.Lo career sender is fighting hard until now he achieved the status as one of the 'nobility' of Hollywood. "Whereas in the beginning I always feel so an outsider in the neighborhood. But policy streets I can during his stay in New York has taught me many things, "said J.Lo.
Artists who reportedly never do plastic surgery it is still a reality show American jury Idor and starred Boy Next Door consider what is accomplished today is only natural. "Men always get compliments when they are successful. Funnily enough even women are often criticized if successful for various reasons. I do not understand it, "J.Lo said as quoted by Eonline.
He cited the example penchant to look sexy with the fact that the current J.Lo is the mother of a pair of 6-year-old twins, Max and Emme.
"I can not look sexy because I am a mother?" He asked. "That's like asking, how do you think I can have children?"
J.Lo confirms what he does certainly not going to make her children embarrassment in the long term. "They still love me, I can take care of them and still look sexy in the video, but not that well 10 years from now I still would appear so."
J.Lo ensure their children will never sue appearance. Including when he styled video clips together Booty Iggy Azalea. "It feels fine. That's a song with a message to the women that I am 40 years old and a new 24-year Iggy was not much different. "
"Women have to feel that way, you do not continue to fear about what people think or say. Even to make you do what you want, until you also will never do anything, "says J. Lo asserted.

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